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Who We Are

Who We Are

The mission of Grown and Greek® is CONNECT the world to the great community service efforts of Black Greek Letter Organizations, SHARE best practices, philanthropic activities and personal success and EMPOWER others to be more active in community service and individual growth. Grown and Greek® provides a curated collection of fashionable products, to support the expression of Black Greek lifestyles, luxuriously. With Grown and Greek® Fashion, we strive to set the bar in luxury fashion and lifestyle trends for those that represent Black Greek Letter organizations. Grown and Greek® was designed to share and support the success of alumni members of Black Greek Letter Organizations after college. Many of the alumni members of these organizations participate in regular community service activities through their alumni chapters and have obtained some level of personal growth and individual professional achievement. We believe that by growing our brand within the ranks of these organizations and sharing these stories to the world at large, we are able to provide perspective and insight into the cultural and historical impact of Black Greeks.